Sourcing in Asia

Manufacturing in Asia !

If your focus is to increase your bottom line by potentially manufacturing offshore without significantly increasing your risk, then WTD can assist. WTD makes manufacturing in India/China a painless process. We take care of every detail from project management and quality control to coordinating shipping.

Our extensive experience with manufacturing in China has enabled us to develop extensive relationships with a wide variety of Asian manufacturers. These relationships with numerous Asian and Chinese manufacturers enable us to make your products to your exact specifications, at significant savings.

Please make an enquiry, and we will contact you with details.

Efficient Global Sourcing Network

Many companies shy away from global sourcing and manufacturing in India/China because of the hypothetical risks involved. Some do not want their products manufactured thousands of miles away, while others doubt the quality capabilities of Chinese manufacturers. Because of our hands on project management and quality control systems, we had developed an efficient global sourcing network that both simplifies the process, and eliminates the risk involved with overseas sourcing and manufacturing in Asia.

Our system makes manufacturing in Asia a streamlined process of global sourcing. It tracks every aspect of your manufacturing and reports on the progress, on an agreed upon basis. This approach to overseas sourcing ensures not only the quality manufacturing of your products, it also gives you the comfort that your outsourcing is both organized and reliable. WTD does everything necessary to keep you informed on what is happening and when product can be expected. In short, by using our system, you have full control over your manufacturing.

Our comprehensive approach to manufacturing in China and China product sourcing includes:

  • An exhaustive analysis of the capabilities of manufacturers in China.

  • Identifying high end, ISO compliant (or better), Asian factories to ensure they are capable of delivering the quality of product you require, on a consistent basis.

  • WTD provides competitive bidding by obtaining quotes from two or more of Asia'a premier suppliers, for each of your products. By providing quotes from factories in Asia, we can give you an idea of how much money your company is capable of saving by going offshore.

  • Many times, we can get quantity discounts through our network of Asian manufacturers because we place more than one client's products with the same factory. By having multiple clients in similar industries, we can offer our clients the service of reliable Chinese manufacturers. In addition, because of the volume of work we place with them, we have more leverage over the supplier than you, as an individual company, would have. This is why many of Asia's manufacturers offer us multi-client pricing discounts to get our work, a savings your company would not be able to benefit from if you approached that vendor directly.

  • After locating a manufacturing supplier in China, and negotiating a price, WTD will put together an all inclusive project plan which will be thoroughly explained to all parties involved. Our project management system encompasses every aspect of the manufacturing process and will ensure the level of quality and dependable delivery that you require.

Asia manufacturing and offshore sourcing can often be confusing and costly, particularly for companies that are doing it for the first time. WTD makes your global sourcing easy and are experts at making this process efficient, cost effective, and reliable. Setting up a global sourcing program using the best Asian manufacturers can be as simple as contacting WTD. You don't have to be wary of global sourcing and manufacturing in Asia anymore - WTD and the Outsourcing Network will take care of everything.

Let us help you save money and maximize your profit by manufacturing offshore.


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