Products we offer

World Trade Desk covers all six continents and handling over 150,000 business categories and industry-specific sectors, If you wish to expand your network and increase sales (or wish to source) in one of these industries you need to be talking to World Trade Desk.

World Trade Desk's Industry Verticals:
  • Agriculture products

  • Apparel, shoes, fashion accessories

  • Automobiles

  • Business services

  • Chemicals

  • Construction

  • Electronic equipment, components

  • Energy, mining

  • Environment

  • Excess inventory

  • Fashion accessories

  • Food and beverage

  • Homewares, Furniture, Appliances

  • Gifts, Craft, Toys

  • Health, Medical

  • Information Technology

  • Minerals, metals

  • Mining and Exploration

  • Machinery & Equipment

  • Office supplies, Printing, Packaging

  • Property (FIRB approved)

  • Rubber and Plastics

  • Sports and Entertainment

  • Textiles

  • Tools, Hardware

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